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Concert Gratitude

Angela SooYeon Yoon, a classical violinist trained at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, performed with a conservatory student chamber ensemble in a concert to benefit Veterans. A solo piece—the Mozart Bassoon Concerto—will be performed by Steven Xavier Salazar USMC (enlisted). The program also included songs by Aaron Copland and a piano trio by Milhaud.

Funds raised through the performance were donated to NCIRE – The Veterans Health Research Institute, the leading nonprofit research institute in the United States devoted to Veterans health. NCIRE supports the work of researchers and physicians who research and treat  the psychological and neurological challenges facing our men and women who have served.

Personal connections prompted Angela to organize the concert—she witnessed firsthand the terrible toll of service-related depression and post-traumatic stress on a close friend. And she is grateful to all who have served this country. Concert Gratitude is her way of thanking and honoring all of our Veterans.

          I strongly believe the reason why I am able to make music, perform and simply enjoy my daily life is because there is someone willing to risk everything that they have for their loved ones to be safe back at home. Everyone involved in this project is a student musician at the Conservatory. Because we do music for a living, I believe the best way for us to give back to our Veterans and soldiers, to show them our gratitude, is to organize a concert for them. This is the least we can do and what we
should do. 
                   — Angela SooYeon Yoon        

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December 13, 2016