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A new report, "The State of the American Veteran: The San Francisco Veterans Study," finds that most service members leaving the military and returning to the San Francisco Bay Area are not prepared for the transition home and have a range of needs that cannot be addressed by a single organization. The University of Southern California study, a survey of 700 Veterans, includes findings on employment and finances, housing, food insecurity, health and well-being, positive life events, and Veteran service utilization and needs.
Some key findings:

  • Post-9/11 Veterans reported difficulty adjusting to civilian life, with nearly 71% of Veterans who served after 9/11 reporting adjustment challenges compared to 48% of pre-9/11 Veterans.
  • Post-9/11 Veterans were more likely to screen positive for PTSD and depression than pre-9/11 Veterans. While over 50% of post-9/11 Veterans screened positive for PTSD, just over 40% of pre-9/11 Veterans screened positive for PTSD. Similarly, while 64% of post-9/11 Veterans screened positive for depression, 35% of pre-9/11 Veterans screened positive.
  • Nearly two-thirds of post-9/11 (63.6%) Veterans indicated that civilians do not appreciate the sacrifices that Veterans have made, with over 80% (83.3%) indicating that civilians do not understand their problems.

This report will surely spark a civic conversation about how our community is supporting the local Veteran population. The full study is available here. For a summary of key findings, you can visit this page.

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January 28, 2019