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Kristy Marcus, Sue Ammons, and Brenda Butts devoted John Mayer fans – are the founders and organizers of JM Wristbands. Wristbands, they explain, are a customary way for dedicated music fans to identify each other at concert.

For JM Wristbands, that charity is NCIRE – The Veterans Health Research Institute. In June, 2011, in an effort to better understand the cause of Veterans health, the trio traveled to San Francisco to attend the fourth annual meeting of The Brain at War conference.

“We started our involvement with Veterans and NCIRE through John Mayer’s interest in Veterans health research, but the conference allowed us to separate out the ‘John Mayer-ness’ of it and realize that we are personally making a difference in the campaign to heal PTSD,” they said. “We’re now much better equipped to explain to the JM community how their donations have been used, and why it is important that we do our small part to help out.” 

When John Mayer unexpectedly canceled his 2012 tour due to a health condition, his fans around the world decided to donate to NCIRE in his honor. The Wristbanders responded by adding a prominent “Donate to NCIRE” button to their site, making the process of giving to Veterans health research even easier. “We cannot stress enough, having worked with NCIRE for a few years now, how important each and every donation is, no matter how small,” wrote the group on the JM Wristbands Facebook page. “We love seeing how many people are banding together to support NCIRE.”

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